Post Heaven Bagua Zhang

The Internal Kung Fu of Bagua Zhang with Ollie Smith

Post-Heaven Bagua Zhang.

Also known as Straight Line Baguazhang there are 64 individual forms separated into 8 lines of 8 forms, practised separately and linked together, each line with a focused discipline and a traditional fighting application.

Post-Heaven Sixty Four Entwining Palms.

The 8 Pre-Heaven Palms are derived from sixty-four single drills and can also be linked into eight continuous movements and are thus named the Post-Heaven Sixty-Four Entwining Palms.

The guiding principles of Post Heaven Baguazhang.

The special characteristics practised in each of the Post-heaven Palms are:

Line 1 Guiding Principles
Line 2 Hitting Methods
Line 3 Clever Methods
Line 4 Subtle methods
Line 5 Elbow Methods
Line 6 Leg Methods
Line 7 Stepping Methods
Line 8 Body Methods

Post-Heaven practice one must have good structure which is hard, this structure should be able to support intense opposing force.

Extend your awareness, extend your power, extend your structure

There is an emphasis on developing force and structure; we aim to achieve skill from within – This practice urges the development of power and lengthens the hitting distance.

The structure foundation uses the foot to assist the body which in turn relies on the arm to assist the palm. During the practice of the 64 palms, we pay attention to the “Three Extensions” simultaneously; Extend awareness, extend the power and extend the structure.

After Post Heaven Bagua is well developed, it may unite as one.

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