8 Motherpalms of Bagua

Ollie Smith - Double Holding Palm

The Eight Motherpalms 八母掌 (Ba Mu Zhang) of Bagua Zhang

Also known as the Stake Methods, the 8 Mother Palms are a fundamental training method for perfecting Baguzhang circle walking and upgrading one’s Nei Gong skill. The postures of these palms strengthen the muscles and tendons and help to develop your mind sensitivity. Physically demanding and meditative at the same time, the Mother Palms can be practised in a straight line or whilst walking in a circle.

  1. Lower Pressing Posture – 下按式 Xia An Shi
  2. Holding The Taiji Ball Posture – 抱太極 Bao Taiji (or Double Stem Palm – 雙把掌 Shuang Ba Zhang)
  3. Floating Wood Palm – 漂母掌 Piao Mu Zhang (or Dragon Rising To Heaven – 龍升天 Long Sheng Tian)
  4. Support Spear Palm – 托槍式 Tuo Qiang Shi (or Lion Opening Its Mouth – 獅子張口 Shizi Zhang Kou)
  5. Upper and Lower Vertical Palm – 上下立掌 Shang Xia Li Zhang (or Piercing Heaven Hitting Earth – 指天打地 Zhi Tian Da Di)
  6. Double Holding Palm – 雙抱掌 Shuang Bao Zhang (or White Monkey Offers Peaches – 白猴獻桃 Bai Hou Xian Tao)
  7. Double Crashing Palm – 雙撞掌 Shuang Zhuang Zhang
  8. Turning Palm – 轉環掌 Zhuan Huan Zhang (or Single Palm Change – 單換掌 Dan Huan Zhang)

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