Pre-Heaven Bagua Live Stream September 23rd 1pm

Free Pre-Heaven Bagua Live Stream

By Ollie / 21st September 2023

Pre-Heaven Bagua Live Stream September 23rd 1pm GMT I will hold a free live stream of Pre-Heaven Baguazhang in my…

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Baguazhang Stick Martial Art Intro 2015 YouTube

Bagua Stick Basics Lesson

By Ollie / 29th June 2023

In tonight’s lesson, we looked at the basics of Bagua Stick training. I love the stick forms my teacher, Master…

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The Moral Dragon Internal Kung Fu Discord

Adding a Discord Server Live Chat to the Online Lessons

By Ollie / 20th June 2023

We now have our own server to discuss everything to do with Internal Kung Fu, actually, you can discuss anything…

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The Internal Kung Fu of Bagua Zhang with Ollie Smith

Post Heaven Bagua Zhang

By Ollie / 11th January 2023

Post-Heaven Bagua Zhang. Also known as Straight Line Baguazhang there are 64 individual forms separated into 8 lines of 8 forms,…

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Bagua stick 1200

Bagua Stick Practise

By Ollie / 21st November 2022

In this very quick practise demo you can see me going over the Bagua stick form that was taught to…

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Baguazhang Lesson subscription

2022 Gao Bagua lesson live stream explanation

By Ollie / 4th January 2022

No matter where you are in the world, this Bagua lesson live stream can be joined in real time or…

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