Kung Fu Demo Videos

Internal Kung Fu Xingyiquan Dragon

Xingyiquan Dragon

By Ollie / 25th September 2023

My take on Hebei Xingyiquan Dragon, first drilling the split and then the form. It’s an incredibly good workout. If…

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Pre-Heaven Bagua Live Stream September 23rd 1pm

Free Pre-Heaven Bagua Live Stream

By Ollie / 21st September 2023

Pre-Heaven Bagua Live Stream September 23rd 1pm GMT I will hold a free live stream of Pre-Heaven Baguazhang in my…

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Xingyi, Bagua Sword Practising Video

Kung fu sword practice

By Ollie / 6th January 2023

In this post, you’ll find my little demo of an Internal Kung Fu sword practice. The movements within the video…

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Bagua stick 1200

Bagua Stick Practise

By Ollie / 21st November 2022

In this very quick practise demo you can see me going over the Bagua stick form that was taught to…

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Baguazhang Stick Martial Art Intro 2015 YouTube

Baguazhang Stick form

By Ollie / 27th March 2016

What the hell is Bagua Zhang Stick form? There are many drills with the staff or ‘stick’ as I call…

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