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Reasons to try Internal Kung Fu

By Ollie / 14th March 2024

I can give you a million reasons to try Internal kung fu. When we meet other people practising Bagua, Xingyi…

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improve you mental health with internal kung fu ©2018 Internal Kung Fu

Improve your mental health

By Ollie / 11th January 2023

In this article: If I told you that you could travel back in time or turn back the ageing process,…

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Triple Burner - San Jiao - Qigong

The Tripple Burner

By Ollie / 5th January 2023

The Triple Burner is a concept unique to Chinese Medicine. Rather than a physical area, the Triple Burner can be…

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Daoyin tu - chart for leading and guiding people in exercise

Before Qigong there was Daoyin

By Ollie / 27th August 2022

Daoyin, also called Daoist neigong, is a series of body and mind unity exercises (Divided into yin: lying and sitting…

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The 3 changes Qigong method

By Ollie / 16th August 2022

Borrowing from Taoist meditation As described by Xingyiquan master Kuo Yun Shen, Xingyiquan is similar to Taoist meditation; In that,…

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Internal Kung Fu Mother Palms taught in Bath

The best-kept secret for keeping fit.

By Ollie / 12th April 2018

After years of training Kung Fu in the UK I eventually moved to Taiwan and trained Internal Kung Fu full-time…

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