Internal Kung Fu Xingyiquan Dragon

Xingyiquan Dragon

By Ollie / 25th September 2023

My take on Hebei Xingyiquan Dragon, first drilling the split and then the form. It’s an incredibly good workout. If…

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Xingyiquan Footwork Drill from Kuo Yun Shen

Xingyi Footwork Drill from Kuo Yun-Shen

By Ollie / 21st June 2023

Found this Xingyi footwork drill in the back of a book by Robert Smith, Hsing-I Chinese Mind-Body Boxing. Xingyi Footwork…

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The Moral Dragon Internal Kung Fu Discord

Adding a Discord Server Live Chat to the Online Lessons

By Ollie / 20th June 2023

We now have our own server to discuss everything to do with Internal Kung Fu, actually, you can discuss anything…

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Xingyiquan 8 postures Featured Image

Xingyiquan 8 Postures

By Ollie / 21st February 2023

Thanks to my student Mohammed for sharing this article on the 8 Postures stances with me. I assume it was…

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12 Animals Xingyi attacking methods 2

12 Animals Xingyi attacking methods

By Ollie / 20th November 2022

Xingyiquan Twelve Shape Fist and a poetic explanation 12 animals of Xingyi evolved from the Xingyiquan ‘mother fist’ or ‘Five…

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Xingyiquan drilling

By Ollie / 31st January 2019

I was going through the paces of recording the 5 Elements from the Hebei Xingyiquan warm up today. I moved…

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