Reply To: Why do you learn kung fu?


I came to kung fu a little late, id always liked action films such as Jean Claude VD and tought it would be cool to know martial arts but didnt go to my first class until Uni which was a karate class and seemed a bit dull!

A few years later the Matrix came out which re-introduced kung fu to a new generation as previously I had only though of it as in the old Shaw brothers films. I bought a book on Shaolin kung Fu and I was hooked spending hours in fixed postures and basic drills. I even backpacked around China and visited the Shaolin Temple! I read everything I could on different styles and attended a wing chun class. During this time I also played a videogame called Shenmue a martial arts revenge tale which also featured details on various chinese kung fu styles which fed into my obsession!

I think like many people who are serious about the martial arts they eventually turn to the internal arts simply becuase of the depth there. I trained in Wu style taiji though id always wantd to study bagua. I eventually foudn a class in london (yin style) and went there when I could.

I then came across Ollie and now my focus is on this system.

The reason why I do it is that i couldn’t imagine not doing it, the history and process of learning and applying along with all the positive effects both physical and mental is huge. And it looks cool 😉