3 Changes Qigong by Kuo Yun-Shen


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    The way to mysterious energy is through obvious and concealed energies.

    I’m being loose with the exact translation here but it will be pretty much the same. There are 3 types of training for this energy work, the first uses Basic breathing to produce Overt energy. The second level uses Intermediate breathing to produce Covert energy. Lastly, the third level uses Advanced breathing to produce Mysterious energy.

    What I found whilst practising this way.

    I personally found the first change to be quite obvious, there is less subtlety to the breathing which allows you to become heavy and grounded. The Basic breathing allowed me to remain more relaxed, so I became more stable whilst moving. The second change was harder, breathing to the navel made moving that much harder and there is a noticeable difference in the weight of the movements and this also represents how the power becomes more hidden. Finally, I would practise the third change and breathing becomes imperceptible, whilst it is very tricky to maintain this quality of breathing, I did notice that there was a significant change in my weight in movements and I became much lighter because of it.

    Please do share your experiences here.

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