Reasons to try Internal Kung Fu

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I can give you a million reasons to try Internal kung fu. When we meet other people practising Bagua, Xingyi or Taiji, we share that knowledge as if we have the best secret for health and wellness. There’s also a kick-arse side of these art forms and that, too, is extremely valuable.

In today’s ultra-busy, hypersensitive life, most people struggle to switch off. We are more connected to everything around us than ever before. Even going to the gym means that for every hour, running, lifting, and bouncing around on a yoga ball, music blares out loud while TV screens play 24-hour news, resulting in more need to recover.

Healing with Internal Kung Fu

I strongly feel that getting exercise and maintaining a healthy diet can improve your life for the better. If you choose Internal Kung Fu, you can be sure to see gains faster than any other physical activity. This is partly because Internal Kung Fu is as much a mental journey as a physical one. You can check one of my other posts on how physical exercise can help us with improving mood and increasing memory formation: Improve your mental health.

Anyone can learn Internal Kung Fu

I generally only see people who are already very experienced kung-fu nerds. It doesn’t have to be this way; the lessons would suit absolutely anyone. The training is similar to types of Yoga or Pilates, combined with meditation and breathing exercises. There are also fighting applications, but only for those who would be interested in the techniques.

In a Kung Fu Universe

Men and women of all shapes and sizes, young or old, can take advantage of the traditional kung fu that I teach. Generally, every person can gauge how they want to train. You can train hard, push yourself mentally and physically, or do everything lighter and still make gains.

Many two-person practice drills build strength, timing, coordination, and cooperation, leading to fighting application and sparring quite well. Also, physical touch from a fellow student undoubtedly has a positive psychological element.

There are many benefits to joining internal kung fu lessons with me in Bath. Contact me, and I can arrange for you to join us on Mondays Baguazhang lesson in person, starting at 6:30pm.


Certified Yizong Instructor Xingyiquan, Baguazhang, Taijiquan with a background in external kung fu and western boxing.