12 Animals Xingyi attacking methods

12 Animals Xingyi attacking methods 2

Xingyiquan Twelve Shape Fist and a poetic explanation

12 animals of Xingyi evolved from the Xingyiquan ‘mother fist’ or ‘Five Elements’. Five Elements Fist requires the ‘Six Harmonies’ to become one. From six yin and six yang it originates, borrow its form then one can employ every skill upon heaven and earth.

It is those ‘Six Harmonies’ represented in Xingyi to mimic the special characteristics of the movements of twelve kinds of animals. Creating 12 animal Xingyi attacking methods, composing of fist forms, to produce the special characteristics possessed by each of the twelve animals in self-defence and attack.

Intent of Xingyi’s Twelve Shapes:

  • Dragon – possesses the ability to contract the skeleton.
  • Tiger – possesses the ability to spring upon its prey.
  • Monkey – possesses the ability to climb mountains.
  • Horse – possesses (churning) fast hooves.
  • Alligator – floats or swims skilfully in the water.
  • Rooster – is born with a competitive fighting nature.
  • Sparrow hawk – possesses the form for piercing through heaven.
  • Swallow possesses – the ability to skim over the water.
  • Snake – possesses the skill to move grass aside.
  • Eagle – possesses the skill of seizing.
  • Bear – possesses the skill of shaking and pulling out.
  • Vulture (Tai Bird) – contains striking and ramming movements.
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