Xingyi Quan Five Elements

Ollie Smith training Xingyi Quan Dragon

Xingyi Quan Five Elements are a series of drills that help with coordination, timing and deliver powerful strikes using whole body power.

Xingyi Quan Five Elements Basic Movements

The five basic actions are based on the five primary earthly elements: Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, Earth

Each element generates the next as follows: Metal generates Water, Water generates Wood, Wood generates Fire, Fire generates Earth and then Earth generates Metal.

The 5 Elements movements are both regarded as natural as well as dangerous.

ChoppingMetalChopping forward and over, downwards like an axe.
DrillingZhuānWaterDrilling forward and upwards diagonally.
CrushingBēngWoodStriking out to the front, like an arrow.
ExplodingPàoFireExploding outward like a cannon.
CrossingHéngEarthCrossing across the line of attack while turning over.

A good example of drilling xingyi fist can be seen here: Xingyi Quan Drilling Fist

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